It is now to be possible to export Japanese black pine bonsai from Japan to EU member country from Oct 2020.

香川県の鬼無(きなし)には、多くの盆栽園があり、それぞれ特徴を出しながら盛んに盆栽の育成をしています。 このあたりの盆栽は、「高松盆栽」と呼ばれ、黒松、五葉松、錦松などの松盆栽では、品質、生産量とも国内屈指の産地です。 2011年11月には、ASPAC盆栽水石高松大会が開催され、「高松盆栽」は、いま世界から注目されております。

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Konishi Shorakuen was established 130 years ago. We are a pioneer in the field of BONSAI Export.
It is been more than 20 years since we exported BONSAI to EU countries. Introduction to our exporting business. We are sorry but our business is only for professional retailers not for hobbyist.

Before starting businenss we will discuss about terms and condition. In case you want many varieties, we need you to come to Japan to select the trees you will import. We have more than 50 growers all over Japan. We can go together anywhere if you want. We also have Akadama soils and Traditional tools, and other materials rerated to BONSAI. Now we already have 10 or more professional retailers all around EU. (Germany Italy England Netherland Czech and more)

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